Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 20 {5/17-5/23}

Our cars are official GA residents, we got our tags today.

Today is Matt's 21st Birthday! Card I made fore him.

Hubby working hard...or hardly working...

Tattoo Anniversary! Its been a year already!

Oh rain, you made me laugh this morning when Hubs forgot to close the sunroof last night.. He of course blamed it on my ice cream excursion last night.

Meeting my Dad for the 1st time...{explantion here}

I can never properly make my bed because SOMEONE refuses to let it look nice!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 19 {5/10-5/16}

One of the those days where you wish you can crawl and hideout in one of these..

My drawing of Chloe on my husbands whiteboard..I think I'll stick to photography instead.

This is the dogs blanket, mostly Fenways. Its been with him since he was a puppy, my husband loves to scare them.

The flowers represent looking forward to the future...hopefully a bright one.

Hubby needs good news soon...

We went to Woofstock, its a dog event in the town. Chloe did well, she didn't bark at the many dogs that were in attendance. However, due to weather we didn't stay long. It was way too hot and humid for them to tolerate and I did not need them to have a heat spell. They were so tired the rest of the day!

Quiet Sunday at home..just some coffee. The wine is for cooking..I swear lol

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 18 {5/3-5/9}

My cilantro bolted these little flowers, after some research these will actually be coriander seeds. Once the seeds appear I will replant and see what happens.

My tomato seeds are sprouting! So exciting to see these little sprouts!

I was feelinf crafty so I started to make my mothers day card, miss my mom! She is in NJ :(

Craftyness still around so today I made my mother-in-laws card, she is in Long Island.

Made beef stew today, tried a different recipe.

Today nothing much happened, we walked around. This is from my friends garden.

Since our mothers are out of state, my friend had a BBQ at her house. My husband made his yummy burgers..the cheese and bacon are in the middle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 17 {4/26-5/02}

Puppy Week! :)

best laundry help!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 16 {4/19-4/25}

I love having my hubby home, even if its only temporary he is nice to have around..I'll admit it but only on here...LOL

My friend sent me her daughters school pics, she is growing up so fast..I saw this little girl when she was born and now she is a little lady!

My husband passed one of his tests!! He is one step closer to another Cisco certification!

My breakfast all week! Ive been very diligent exercising every single day and eating well!

Sorry I cant help it..when not much goes on, I take pics of my handsome boy!

OMG!! It was hurricane rain at the food & beer festival..I ate delicious rain soaked nachos and damp funnel cake..oh yeah there went my whole week of exercise and healthy eating! LOL

Meet Luna!

More on this shot here..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 15 {4/12-4/18}

Another week...loving this more and more! Whose tired of seeing pics of my puppies?? LOL I can't help but photograph those cutie faces!

My 1st assignment in my online photography class..playing with viewpoint.

Yes that IS the pollen count!!

He is so handsome! This is his hurry up and finish taking pictures face!

Hubby had a big interview today! Hope he hears back positive news!!

Hubby put Chloe in a box..she looked I took pictures instead of helping her..

Crafts all organized, I finally caught up on my project life album! I can't believe journaling and photos added from Feb thru April 1st all done!

This is what he does to lull himself..his binky goes everywhere with him room to room...its almot 3yrs old and is full of holes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 14 { 4/5-4/11}

We rented a boat on Lake was the best way to spend a Monday morning!

We went into Atlanta in the late afternoon, after visiting the Underground Mall we had some time so we went to the Georgia Aquarium, love this alligator shot!

Today we went back into Atlanta and toured the world of Coke, we also ate in Gladys Knights restaurant. OMG was it GOOD!

The In-Laws left today :( and nature power washed our area as the pollen was almost gone from cars and street.

My Scrapbox is finally assembled! Thanks to my awesome hubby this is now up and set up now I need to get in there and add ll my goodies!

Bees invaded our home LOL Not these bumblebees but carpenter bees, so a Bee shot again was fitting.

Lazy Sunday...